So Many Plants!

Friday May 24– the evening before the big day. Members gathered at the Crown Point Community Church to receive, price, and organize plant donations.
It’s looking like we’ll have at least as many plants as last year with more natives and more veggies. Few succulents this year and we’re light on the annuals (the weather has just not cooperated!) but overall, we’re ready to go. 
The compost and woodchips arrived and the piles are smaller than expected, so the early bird gets the worm. But be aware that we’re opening at 10 a.m. and not a minute sooner:-)
The event will happen rain or shine. The weatherperson has been wrong so often this spring, so the predicted rain might just hold off. We have two canopies but these will not cover all the plants so please be prepared for mess. And please bring your own tote bags and/or trays to carry home your plants. 

See you tomorrow!!