Donating to the 2020 Plant Sale

graphic with info on donating plants

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If you have made donations to the plant sale you’ll need to deliver them on Friday October 2, 2020 to the pickup location (see below for details) If that doesn’t work for you please contact us to arrange for a pickup.

Plant Donation Guidelines

There are some rules we ask you follow. We are selling your plants so they need to be nice! We don’t want the stuff you’re trying to get rid of. If it’s badly behaved in your garden please don’t inflict it on paying customers– who are also your neighbours!
Please note that native varieties are welcome!

  • plants must be potted– please no hastily dug offerings dumped into plastic bags. Potting mix is preferred but if you must use native soil please make sure there are no worms or aphids or other critters stowing away in the pot. Ditto for weeds.
  • only healthy plants please
  • From ReForest London's plant sale. These are all labelled, in the right sized pot, and healthy.

    A good example of plant sale offerings. These are from a ReForest London event. Look how they’re all healthy, labelled, and in the right-sized pot.

  • pots must be clean. You don’t need to sterilize them– but a scrub with soapy water is always a good idea when re-using pots.
  • pots need to be appropriately sized for the size of the plant and especially the root mass. This is important because it’s part of how we determine the price to charge. So please do not put a tiny plant into a big pot. It’s a waste of potting mix, it’s not healthy for the plant, and the customer may not get what they pay for.
  • volunteers and divisions are welcome but please pot them far enough in advance so they can recover and perk up in time for plant pickup day on October 3.
  • if you want to offer plants but need help with potting or potting mix, contact us. We can help with the labour and the expense. We can also supply pots if you need them.
  • if you’re bringing seedlings (“volunteers”) from your garden, please make sure they’re nicely rooted out in pots large enough to sell individually
  • No invasive plants please. We will turn away the following: goutweed, ditch lilies (Hemerocallus fulva), common violets, periwinkle/vinca, mint, ivy….. Be aware of the growth habit of the plants you are donating.
  • labels! If you only have the common name we can help you with the full ID and make a proper tag. If you don’t know the cultivar that’s okay, just put the species name. If you don’t know the name of it, please don’t offer/list it. We can’t sell mystery plants 🙂
  • plants must be healthy and watered when you drop them off.

Bulbs donations:

  • Store and deliver in brown paper bag or cardboard (not plastic bags)
  • Only viable bulbs please
  • Label clearly as to species, variety, and colour

Bare Roots

  • Store and deliver in brown paper bag or cardboard (not plastic bags)
  • Only viable roots please
  • Label clearly as to species, common name, variety, and colour


  • only seeds suitable for winter sowing, i.e., perennial seeds and/or self-seeding annuals. No annuals or vegetables please
  • store and deliver in small envelopes: either manila, glassine or white paper (no plastic bags please)
  • label with common name, botanical name, and year collected/harvested
  • Quantity in each packet is variable and discretionary
  • seal well. Let’s avoid spills!

Dropping off your Donations

Drop off your donations on Friday, October 2, between 3:00 p.m. & 6:00 PM, at the Crown Point Community Church, 82 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton.

If you have any questions about the sale, please use the form on the “Contact Us” page (opens in new tab).